A Magical Learning Resource at Scarisbrick Hall School

Safety talk first before Erica and the Eco Tyke clan visit the Magical Forest. An area at Scarisbrick Hall School where children from under 1year old and onward are able to absorb and allow nature to diffuse through their senses, thoughts and creative endeavour.

A special place to watch nature unfold

A specialised learning approach with qualified practitioners, support staff and amazing team work. They “go with the flow” of nature to allow this fantastic resource to work its magic.

Mud Kitchen
Clunk sticks let us know when Mother Nature sends the wind

An extraordinary place where Mother Nature weaves her magic with the help of a very dedicated team. This is an ever changing learning environment where opportunities to develop confidence, experience supported risk and challenge are born. Opportunities to create positive relationships with themselves, others and the environment.

Drums and piano
Send a Message
Come to the performance. Or be on stage!

These learning experiences will give them the confidence to begin their own learning journey and enable them to choose their path through these first phases of discovery and exploration. A voyage of discovery and self-worth.

Solving a problem

Erica and the Eco Tykes know the children will always remember and cherish these experiences.

More creative thinking

To have this environment at the school’s doorstep and for it to be visited as a regular programme and not as a one off visit, a terrific resource well planned and used. It must lift the spirits of all who participate.

A safe environment for all

They are all definitely Eco Tykes here!

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