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Released 22nd February 2018
ISBN: 9781912014866

The stories created by Fergs’ memories, his journey and adventures on Sanctuary Island, will inspire all ages to take a new look and think of innovative ways to make a difference.

People are becoming more aware of their environment. Even if we do not know where to start there are ideas out there –groups, clubs and projects to get involved with. There are ways to recycle and to sustain resources, and to feed the information about how to do this to others. It may fall on a few deaf ears but, eventually, the penny will drop.

When I first heard the Yorkshire Tykes Motto – See all, hear all, say nowt, Eat all, sup all, pay nowt, And if tha does owt for nowt, Allus do it for thissen – I was not very impressed and didn’t think it reflected the Yorkshire personality. Even the grumpiest would still have a mischievous and generous twinkle in their eyes. Fergs and his Eco Tyke clan with their enthusiasm make us aware of our planet and Mother Nature needs all the help she can get!

See all, hear all, speak out,, Respect all, use all, save owt,, And if tha does owt for nowt,, Do it for people, animals, plants and the environment.

In the Motto of the Eco Tykes it says, ‘Do it for people, animals, plants and the environment.’

Why put people first you may ask? It is people that have made a mess of their environment but if people do not help each other, work as a team. Gather together as a clan to make things happen to help the environment. The animals and plants will continue to suffer. Cycles will be broken and ecosystems deteriorate. Archaeologists find out about life on our planet by going through ancient rubbish heaps. It informs them about the way people lived in the past and even about the food they used to eat. Some of the things that get put into landfill now – especially plastic, as it takes so long to breakdown – will be found in many hundreds of years’ time. I sometimes wonder what they will think when they discover a ‘hoard’ of fossilised human poo in plastic disposable nappies … yuck.

 Educational Resources

Parents, children, family and teachers can use the stories and tasks set by Fergs and his clan to cover many topics KS1-KS3 Science, Maths, English, Art and Design, Citizenship, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Languages, Music and Physical Education. Use the Eco Tykes ideas and Fergs creative thoughts.

Watch out in the book for to investigate, enable cross curricular activity and help all those treading the path of discovery to fly.