Scarisbrick Hall 3rd July 2018


Thank you to all staff and pupils at Scarisbrick Hall for a wonderful day. A great team and all  will play their part in the Eco Tyke clan.

We discussed the impact we all have on the environment and on the people around us. Every day we can make a difference. What have we done today to make us feel proud? The pupils shared their experiences especially sports day. Everyone playing their part to make the day a great success. Not only developing muscles for their sports day challenge. They needed to develop the “muscles” of cooperation, teamwork, participation, patience, encouragement, fairness and support. As we mature we learn. Whatever the experience.

“I never loose. I either win or learn” Nelson Mandela


Each group were also interested in writing and “How do you become an author?” They had many interests to write about and one class had worked with an author. They were already developing the “muscles” skills, talent and confidence to succeed in their education adventure. The Eco Tykes wish them all every success.

Scarisbrick Forest School. An amazing place to inspire and develop confidence and self-esteem through the opportunity of hands on learning experiences in a woodland environment. Fergs and his Eco Tyke clan would love to hear their stories read here.

Forest School Area

It was fantastic for Erica to revisit the school. This time with a different “hat” on! As she met colleagues she had previously worked with and ex-pupils now working at the school. An Eco Tyke group hug was definitely in order!  A time for reflection – student, school teacher, university lecturer and author. With many other talents learned during the adventure.

“Life is a circle the end of one journey is the beginning of the next” Joseph M. Marshall

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