A difficult task for the Judges

28th March 2018- Grassington Primary School

All the children have gone home from school. Erica Thicket and some of the Eco Tykes have arrived to judge a competition they set the children in January. The children have been studying Materials this term. They are aware that Easter treats can contain packaging that can be harmful to the environment and the animals. They have worked on a project to recycle and keep harmful packaging out of landfill for longer. Making gifts for Mother’s day, Easter or a family event. They learned it was quite hard to manipulate the materials they chose. With true Eco Tyke determination, creativity and resourcefulness the projects they produced were truly magnificent. There was a lot of discussion and eventually we had our group of winners.

Jackie the Jay had to be stopped from flying off with some of the projects to use in her garden!

Jackie the Jay’s Garden

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