A Surprise!

23rd March 2018 – The Grange 

As Michelle (Activities Coordinator) promised on the flier she sent out to the residents at The Grange “A Big Surprise!”

A Surprise at The Grange


Erica Thicket popped out from behind the “Fergs and the Eco Tykes” poster. Erica had brought the presentation to The Grange. Pearl the Puffin had been unable to attend the book launch at Edinburgh Zoo.

Whose behind the Poster?
“Hello Everyone”
“Hi Pearl the Puffin!”

All enjoyed the presentation and adventures about Fergs and the Eco Tykes. We all had a great afternoon chatting about the things they had recycled. Recycling things for the home had sometimes been a “Needs must” option and now we have renamed and called “Upcycling!” They especially liked my attempt at knitting WHACKEY scarves (Wide Awake Creative Knits Exclusively Yours). I started making because I kept falling asleep just before the end of a “who done it?” on TV. Also the woollens that had been shrunk (initially accidentally) made into an Eco-cosy for the tea or coffee pot. These projects gave  ideas they can do at the “Knit and Natter” classes at The Grange. Sox-imals made out of old socks too!

WACKEY Scarves and the Eco Cosy

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