St Leonard’s C of E Primary School. Walton-le- Dale

Wednesday 25th April 2018 An exciting morning at St. Leonard’s C of E Primary School. Thank you to Headteacher Mrs Proctor, Mrs Aspden (SLT KS2) and Mrs Holmes(member of FOSL) for organising my visit to the school. It was fantastic to meet the pupils from KS1 and KS2 classes their teachers and classroom assistants. They were all very good listeners and also informed Erica about the things they do and have learned about the environment at school. Great work! Thank you to KS2 pupil who did a grand job managing the Eco Tykes power point presentation.

Fergs and the Eco Tykes were very excited that Erica Thicket the author of their book was asked to visit and tell the children about their stories and the message the Eco Tykes want to tell people. To be aware of the impact we all have on the environment and problems we create.

Plastic Bags or Witches’ Knickers?!

All the children understood that if we all do something to help, little by little we will create a better environment and by the time they grow up we will be well on the way to sorting out many of the problems humans have created. They understood this special quote.


Jackie the Jay had made up some tasks for the children to work on. Fergs and the other Eco Tykes are a bit worried she may have mixed up some of the seeds in the planting project! What a surprise for the children!

Sycamore seedlings
Jackie the Jay has remembered to put the seed labels on. Did they still get mixed up?

 Making  a Terrarium using a single use plastic cake container!

Did you put some worms inside?

A closed environment used to show us how an ecosystem works. Photosynthesis, Respiration and the Water Cycle!

Erica was also interested to see projects the children were working on.

Wow! This looks like how Sanctuary Island was formed.

Jackie the Jay would like to know which seed pops through the soil first.

Nature usually has an answer. Ask the Question Tree?????

Thank you again to the amazing St. Leonard’s school team and children. I hope the children who have their book “Fergs and the Eco Tykes” enjoy the adventures.

Erica and the Eco Tykes will be very pleased to hear how Jackie the Jays seed project is working.

2 Replies to “St Leonard’s C of E Primary School. Walton-le- Dale

  1. Hi Erica,

    Thank you so much for coming into our school on Wednesday, the children absolutely loved it! They are now even more enthusiastic about saving and caring for our environment.
    Many thanks on behalf of all the children and staff at St Leonard’s for all your hard work and effort that you put into our visit. The powerpoint, book and resources are all much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you again soon and putting some of your ideas into action!
    Mrs Aspden

    1. It was great to meet all the new members of the Eco Tyke Clan. Fergs and the Eco Tykes were very impressed when they heard about my visit. I will have to bring my wellies next time to help the children with the garden and check out the compost bin to see how the microbes and worms are communicating! Erica Thicket

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