Spring arrives 1st March 2018?

What a change most of us in UK have seen in a week. From the high skies and sunshine at the book launch at Edinburgh Zoo last Saturday 24th February to freezing temperatures, snow drifts and winds from the East blowing a hooley across the land. “The Beast from the East” had arrived. We wondered if we would make the journey back to Scotland for a family wedding? With some time on my hands and an idea I had been mulling over for a few days I decided to write a chapter to introduce our new member of the family into the Eco Tykes clan! To be in the next book of adventures with Fergs and the Eco Tykes?
Friday arrived and with flasks of coffee, sandwiches, short bread (now on its return journey to Scotland) shovel and mats in case we were to get stuck. We set off for Saturdays big celebration. The roads were clear once we were out of our area! “Better safe than sorry!”

The Beast from the East!

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