Polar Bear Cub Emerges from Den -Highland Wildlife Park

On Sunday 18th March “Britain’s Polar Bear Cub” Channel 4 and STV at 7pm. The first polar bear born in Britain for 25 years has emerged from its den. It arrived the week before Christmas but has just made its first stage appearance at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s (RZSS) Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig. We still have to wait to find out the sex of the cub born to mother polar bear Victoria

Polar bears are a vulnerable species, with as few as 22,000 left in the wild. Their population is decreasing and there is a high risk of future decline due to climate change.

Peek- a -Boo! Coo! Whats this white stuff?


What is climate change? More research for our Eco Tyke clan!

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