Oink! Piggy Alert!

Oink! Oink! Big trouble brewing for Fergs piggy friends in the Bahamas. Recent news reports a sharp rise in tourists visiting Bahamas to swim with pigs.

swimming pigs
Swimming pigs Major Cay

The original feral colony on Major Cay in this Instagram age has seen their seaside home invaded by tourists. Some NOT very Eco-friendly wielding their cameras in all directions, trying to ride the pigs or feed them beer and rum! Goodness sake people no wonder Mother Earth is in such a state.Some who can afford to visit these amazing places and see how nature adapts, ruin the experience. Others are even using the concept as a “get rich quick” idea and setting up swimming pig attractions. The welfare of these animals is at risk. When will humans stop and think?

‘Snouts and tails up – paddle hard with your trotters!’

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