Inverkeithing Primary School

7th March 2018. Fergs and the Eco Tykes have had a great day with all the staff and pupils at Inverkeithing Primary School Science Fair. Erica Thicket was able to tell everyone about Sanctuary Island and how Fergs and his clan of Eco Tykes keep humans informed about the problems they are causing animals on the land, in the air and in the oceans. The pupils have been studying Energy and were able to help Erica with some of Ferg’s questions about oil, plastics and pollution. What a very informed group. They all said the Eco Tykes Motto and Erica has asked them for their help with problems in their local environment. Another fine group of ambassadors join the Eco Tyke Clan! Well done everyone.

  “Where’s the Bridge?” Fergs has an early morning swim to get to the other side of the Firth of Forth
Inverkeithing Primary School
Meeting some of the Eco Tykes
When Fergs patch “Tingles and Sparkles ” get ready for some investigation and questions!
Ah! There’s the bridge!
Ouch! The bridge has gone again. OK back in the water. Snout up and paddle hard with your trotters!

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