Happy Christmas 2018

Happy  Christmas to all Eco Tykes and those who are in training.  The run up to Christmas has been very hectic with the launch of the new book Give the Earth a Hug! further Adventures of Fergs and the Eco Tykes by Erica Thicket .  Learning how to use Instagram -still the novice! #### If you want to take a look @ecotykes Erica Thicket.

Books are on sale at Amazon books. The Eco Tykes have introduced Petal the Polar bear in the new book and proceeds from sales go to Petal Childhood cancer research.

Price £7:99
Lecture at Edge Hill University where Erica received great feedback from students who will be using ideas and stories from both books during their next teaching practice 2019. Thank you and good luck.

Big thank you to all. A happy and peaceful festive season.

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