Exciting Times for the Eco Tykes! November 2018

Half way through the month already.
The weather foiling us all. Warm days, wonderful frosty mornings and high skies, misty mornings with those living in the valley of the Wharfe wondering when they will see the sun? On the tops of the Dales for those taking in the early morning! The reverse happening too. Wind and rain, fruits ripening and falling. Next years compost, as the trees shed their leaves.

Sunrise on a Misty morning

Walks in ancient Hazel coppice. Coppicing is a traditional form of woodland management. In a coppiced wood, trees are regularly cut off at ground level, causing many rods to grow from the stump. In this woodland some of the trees find their roots in the limestone pavement.

It looks like there could be fairy dwellings here!

Great excitement for Fergs and the Eco Tykes as their message is reported in the November Aspire Magazine. www.aspire-mag.co.uk Every month, a total of 27,000 is delivered to homes in Craven, Airedale, Wharfedale and the Dales. This high-quality, influential magazine is delivered directly through their letterbox. Aspire magazine leads the way with a winning combination of unrivalled advertisements expertly created and complemented by eye-catching professional and interesting editorial content. Thank you to Jane Capstick, Danielle Daggett and the team at Aspire www.aspire-mag.co.uk.

Even more excitement as the proof copy of “Give the Earth a Hug! Further adventures of Fergs and the Eco Tykes” arrives.

Fergs and the Eco Tykes meet more friends. Petal the polar bear arrives on Sanctuary island on a very small iceberg! News on global warming gave rise to the creation of the Petal character. Named after Petal a children’s charity that raises funds specifically for research into childhood cancers on behalf of Cancer Research UK. www.petalcancer.co.uk.
The launch of “Give the Earth a Hug! Further adventures of Fergs and the Eco Tykes” will be at the Petal Lunch on 29th November 2018. Proceeds from the Eco Tykes will be donated to Petal child cancer research.

The Eco Tykes have sent Erica on various missions to help the charity raise funds.
A collection of Scarfs. Give a Hug from Petal and the Eco Tykes! The Eco Tykes have used recycled materials to create their artistic, homespun crafted creations!
Some Decorations for the Christmas tree or use as an interactive Petal when reading the stories.

Thank you to Stevie B the Sawfish for wood crafting the Fergs piggy head stand for the tree! In “Give the Earth a Hug!” He designs a special catapult for Fergs to help Santa get rid of space junk!

On a recent visit to a shopping centre Erica found a Build a Bear workshop. The Eco Tykes will auction Petal and a copy of their latest adventures at the lunch too?

Her birth certificate is for 29th November and she also has a passport saying she has visited Sanctuary Island!

Petal gets her Heart. And a voice “I need a Hug!”

Hi there Petal !

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