Edinburgh Zoo Book Launch

Fergs and the Eco Tykes took flight, what an amazing day. High skies and sunshine streaming through the windows of the Mansion House at Edinburgh Zoo.

As we walked through the member’s gate standing before us, a Scottish Thistle Lantern adorned with Honey Bees. Was this done specially for the Ferguson Clan about to arrive? The family crest bears a thistle and bee. Our clan Motto Dulcius ex asperis, “Sweeter after difficulty”.

It was delightful to have family, friends and mentors old and new attend this special occasion. With many of the Eco Tykes present. In the book I used some family names for characters along with some of their interests. Those that could not attend had their part in the presentation.

Thank you all for your generous support and kindness. The Eco Tyke clan always makes a cake for any celebration and the launch had its very own “mighty fine” specimen. Fergs taking flight courtesy of Jackie the Jay!

I would also like to thank Claire Norris and her team at the Mansion House for all their support, organising and planning. Excellent team work and now all members of the Eco tyke clan. We all had a fabulous time. Screens rolled up, presentation packed away, a happy tired group of Eco Tykes took leave of Edinburgh Zoo through a magical trail of Giant lanterns of China. 450 dazzling plants and animals illuminated our path. Partnership to create the lanterns stems from a long standing relationship between RZSS and Sichuan the birth place of Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Pandas.

What a day Dulcius ex asperis, Sweeter after difficulty.

PS Scotland also won the Rugby!

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