Edge Hill University Primary Science Trainees meet the Eco Tykes!

On Valentines day Feb 14th 2019. Erica Thicket and the Eco Tykes were delighted to be invited to talk to Edge Hill University, Primary Science trainees. They are getting ready for teaching practise and the Eco Tykes adventures in “Fergs and the Eco Tykes” and “Give the Earth a Hug” gave them a reference and ideas for topics on Sustainability. Enjoy your teaching experiences and all the very best of wishes. The Eco Tykes look forward to hearing how things have progressed. The Eco Tyke adventures can also be used as a platform for teaching different topics in several subjects.

 The Eco Tyke Motto states- “See all, hear all,speak out. Respect all, use all, save owt, and if tha does owt for nowt. Do it for people, animals plants and the environment.”

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