Book Launch Countdown

31st January 2018 – Guest confirmation for those attending Book Launch 24th February 2018 at Edinburgh Zoo. What a place for Fergs to start his flight. I visited here on many occasions as a child. It was one of my first memories looking into the cage of a large ginger Orangutan and not forgetting the wonderful penguin parade.

7th February 2018  Work starts on web page Thank you to Kate at 2QT Publishing for all her support in this new adventure. I had registered the ecotykes in 2013. Another adventure to see it appearing online.

8th February 2018 – Visit to Mason Printers to discuss the 2-bookmark flyers for Fergs and the Eco Tykes. I had been making bookmarks when we were taking a holiday in Dumfries and Galloway. One for the corner of the page. It looked like Ferg’s Fin given to him with 2 pairs of flippers (for Fergs 4 trotters!) by Megan the Mermaid from Neptune. Chapter-A Sprinkling of Cocktail Magic. This started to take shape as a flyer.

14th February 2018 – Picked up the Bookmark flyers. Fantastic. Thank you to John Mason Printers

I was then able to deliver the flyers with copies of Fergs and the Eco Tyke for sale at Bolton Abbey! On sale from 22nd February 2018

16th February 2018 – Today at the hairdresser. A young boy was there with his Dad having his haircut. He informed me that he knew me. ‘When have we met?’ I asked.

‘You came to my school.’

‘Oh! Who am I?’

He looked at his Dad, ‘she is Erica Thicket!’

Wow! That’s a first! Book Launch at Edinburgh Zoo 24th February, I have a story to tell. I am Erica Thicket!

20th February 2018– More books and flyers delivered. Thank you The Lime Gallery 

22nd February 2018 -Great excitement. This is the official date for Fergs and the Eco Tykes to take flight! Released in the shops and on Amazon books!

23rd February 2018  Display banner to be picked up for Fergs and the Eco Tykes launch more. Thank you Apex Signs 

24th February 2018 – Book Launch Edinburgh Zoo at Mansion House!

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